A Data Storage and Disaster Recovery prototype based on Corporate Blockchain

  • Angelo Nodari CRS Laghi
  • Sirio Cividino
  • Stefano Iannello
Keywords: blockchain, disaster recovery, storage


In a world where we are witnessing a constant growth of digital content, issues relating to the proper management of information are increasingly becoming elements of relevant interest. In face of the most recent technological transformations, from blockchain to distributed systems, issues concerning information security and above all data robustness, play an increasingly important role. In this study, the scenario of information storage and retrieval systems using as a support the blockchain context is analyzed and an experimental prototype for information storage and retrieval is proposed. Given the prohibitive costs in both economic and computational terms for the use of public blockchain, the model presented is proposed as a prototype for private or federated blockchains and as insight for future technological implementations.

CRSL Innovation Journal